Miyerkules, Agosto 10, 2011

Metro Gaisano Mall in Maasin City Near Completion

Just like what the title of this post tells us, the Metro Gaisano Mall in Maasin City is now on its near completion.

According to a source, the Metro Gaisano management is working for the completion of the said mall and they are hoping that by this August, the mall will operational. However, an SP member told me that he believes that the mall will be opened by September judging through what he saw from the site. But he confirmed that the plan is to open the mall by August.

As of writing this post, building operation is 24 hours with hundreds of workers working for the mall. They currently are doing the finishing touches and the flooring.

Huwebes, Hulyo 28, 2011

Gaisano Store in Sogod - Southern Leyte, Open

We visited the newly opened Gaisano mall or Gaisano store in Sogod - Southern Leyte.

The place was too small compared to other Gaisano malls. But it's interesting to have such kind of establishment here in Sogod which is still in a municipality status.

By the way, the Gaisano mall in Maasin is currently on its speedy building. I guess, this mall will be functional before December 2011.

Martes, Mayo 10, 2011

Gaisano Mall in Maasin City

I heard news last year that the Gaisano mall will be erected at the integrated terminal of the city. And the news said that it will be open on June this year. But I was wondering where is the should be Gaisano Mall?

I am here today at the Maasin Integrated Terminal. Yes, the location of the Gaisano mall was here. And the posts and the trusses were already set. But I only saw 3 to 5 workers working for the building. Because of this, I immediately asked my self, could this workers finish the building in just two months? Remember that it should the mall should be opened on June?

I think, this mall will be not be here this year. It is impossible to finish such a large building in just two months. Besides, the building should be finished already last April so that the mall owner can start setting the interior of the building for their items to be sold during the opening.

I just wish, that the Gaisano Main owners will not back out especially that the Gaisano Capital has its own branch already in Sogod which will be opened in few months.

With the mall in Sogod, people from Maasin will be going there to shop. I'm sure for that.

Miyerkules, Abril 27, 2011

Southern Leyte Times

Southern Leyte Times is one of the popular news paper in Southern Leyte. It's base is in Maasin City. The size of its paper is larger compared to the Southern Leyte Balita and it has more content than the later.

However, while searching the internet for information about the paper, I found the blogpost of Selaplana regarding the Southern Leyte Times and he was calling the paper unreliable.

Well, he has actually the reason to call the paper that. I also noticed it. Besides with being unreliable, the writers of the paper is also sensationalizing the stories. One of the story sensationalized by the writers of Southern Leyte Times is the incident wherein a certain Agero jump off the Agas-agas bridge. The news article of the paper has actually garnered negative comments from the readers.

The paper is actually published weekly. And it has its own online website at www.southernleytetimes.com.

Maasin City News

Maasin City is the base of the two news papers of Southern Leyte. These two newspapers are Southern Leyte Times and the Southern Leyte Balita. Among these newspapers the Southern Leyte Times has its own website.

However, another news website is existing but it has no print version. This news website is the Maasin City News.

Currently the news website has only one active contributor so far these days when I checked the site. He's Gorpido Quirico Jr. But his contributions are more on the meeting of the Southern Leyte SP or the Maasin City SP.

My suggestion to the owner or the administrator of the website is that he should add more contributors that will cover health, police and other reports that will give the people of Southern Leyte the information they need knowing that there are many Southern Leytenos who are already online reading news, although most of them are just playing Facebook.

I just hope that the owner of the Maasin City News will find this blog. I can even help him if he will accept me as the new contributor.

Miyerkules, Marso 23, 2011

NFA Distributing Iodized Rice

The National Food Authority or NFA in Southern Leyte is distributing a violate-colored rice. This is not actually a new variety of rice. It is just a fortified rice with iodine.

I am actually wondering if overdosing iodine has no risk to our health. I think eating this kind of rice will lead to the accumulation of the iodine in our body.

Another thing that I am asking my self is that... Is this a response to the nuclear meltdown in Japan?

Martes, Marso 22, 2011

Maasin City Barangays

Below is the list of 70 Barangays comprising the Maasin City:

  1. Abgao (Pob.)
  2. Asuncion
  3. Bactul II
  4. Bactul I
  5. Badiang
  6. Bagtican
  7. Basak
  8. Bato II
  9. Bato I
  10. Batuan
  11. Baugo
  12. Bilibol
  13. Bogo
  14. Cabadiangan
  15. Cabulihan
  16. Cagnituan
  17. Cambooc
  18. Cansirong
  19. Canturing
  20. Canyuom
  21. Dongon
  22. Gawisan
  23. Guadalupe
  24. Hanginan
  25. Hantag
  26. Hinapu Daku
  27. Hinapu Gamay
  28. Ibarra
  29. Isagani
  30. Laboon
  31. Lanao
  32. Libhu
  33. Lonoy
  34. Lunas
  35. Mahayahay
  36. Malapoc Norte
  37. Malapoc Sur
  38. Mambajao (Pob.)
  39. Manhilo
  40. Mantahan (Pob.)
  41. Maria Clara
  42. Matin-ao
  43. Nasaug
  44. Nati
  45. Nonok Norte
  46. Nonok Sur
  47. Panan-awan
  48. Pansaan
  49. Pinascohan
  50. Rizal
  51. San Isidro
  52. San Jose
  53. San Rafael
  54. Santa Cruz
  55. Santa Rosa
  56. Santo NiƱo
  57. Santo Rosario
  58. Soro-soro
  59. Tagnipa (Pob.)
  60. Tam-is
  61. Tawid
  62. Tigbawan
  63. Tomoy-tomoy
  64. Tunga-tunga (Pob.)
  65. Acasia
  66. Combado
  67. Libertad
  68. Lib-og
  69. Pasay
  70. San Agustin